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Title: McKay's Fault (sequel to Three Sheppards)
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Character(s)/Pairing(s): John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan
Word Count: ~900
Age Rating: PG
Challenge(s): h/c bingo: trapped between realities
Disclaimer: Sadly, the characters do not belong to me. Just words.
Summary: When John is needed, McKay keeps him from getting to where he wants to be.

"Fix it Rodney," John growled as he paced the length of the lab that one of the science teams discovered that sent his own teammate into an excited tizzy.

Of course – that didn't mean that the lovable man knew everything he was doing despite his repeated chants of being the smartest man in two galaxies. However whatever he did this time, didn't leave John very pleased.

"I'll figure it out. Don't get your shorts in a bunch," McKay grumbled as he tried to read and translate the information displayed on the screen.

John sighed as he went out into the hall, if simply to fight the urge to strangle his friend in his frustration. Several minutes later, he was ready to go back in and choke the man to death. While he waited outside, it didn't take long to realize just how much crap McKay stepped in this time.

Ronon and a couple marines that recently made some sort of peace with Team Sheppard were heading towards them with concerned looks of determination on their faces. "Sheppard!"

"Hey buddy," John replied as he stood up straighter from the leaning position he was in, overlooking the water.

"Sheppard! McKay!" Ronon called out again, immediately causing John to frown.

Crap, he thought. "McKay?"

"What the hell do you want now?" he asked, storming to the doorway just as the marines entered the room, seemingly walking straight through the scientist. "Oh fuck."

"I am going to ask this once. What did you do?" John questioned, leveling his eyes on him.

"I uh – I don't know. I um may have activated the machine..."

"I know that. What does the machine do?"

Rodney looked around, a loss for words. "I don't know! I think it has something to do with the Ancients' attempts at ascension. How? I don't know."

John ran a hand over his face as he paced again, looking back over at Ronon and the marines where they eyed the area and talked amongst themselves about their lost friends. "We're fucked."

"I can see that...I just – I just need to get more of this translated. I need some time..."

"Where do you think they went?" Corporal Levitson asked as he leaned over the console that was lit up.

"We need to find them quick. Sheppard needs to get to the infirmary," Ronon commented. "We'll have to brink that bird guy here to deal with this later. Finding McKay and Sheppard comes first."

"What? Why do I need to get to the infirmary?!" John exclaimed, quickly finding himself at his friend's side.

"How's Teyla?" Levitson asked back, picking up his weapon and heading for the door.

Ronon shrugged. "Beckett's request. He thinks the baby is going to come soon. Something about breaking water? Whatever that means."

"Oh shit..." John commented as his face went pale.

"It should be several hours before she hits full labor," Sanders offered. "At least that's what I remember when my sister had her kid. First time, labor can last days."

"Problem is that she's not been quite so well throughout the entire thing," Ronon pointed out. "Let's head back."

"No – no – no. She cannot be having the baby now!" John complained in a panic.

Rodney looked at him with a frown. "You – uh – go be with her. I'll hang back here and see what I can come up with." Sheppard looked back at him, a glare in his eyes. "I'll fix it. I promise."

"You better," he grumbled as he followed the others back into the heart of the city.

By the time Sheppard made it into the infirmary, he was extremely disturbed by everyone being unable to see or hear him. Even more so when they appeared to walk right through him. Inside, he could see Carson and his staff moving to try to make Teyla comfortable. As much as he wanted to be able to comfort her, he couldn't and that felt like pure hell to him.

"Where is he?" Teyla asked, breathing through what John assumed was a contraction.

"They are looking for him Lass. I'm sure that he will be here as soon as he hears of this," Carson smiled lightly.

"I am here," John said, although he knew no one would respond. When Carson went to leave, he backed up from him out of instinct and somehow, knocked into a rolling tray, dropping the contents on it.

Carson and Teyla turned to look at it, the cup rolling to a stop on the floor. "I was no where near that..." he murmured.

"A spirit?" she asked, trying to pull herself up to look better.

John frowned as he looked between the mess and his lover. Figuring it was worth a shot, he squatted at the puddle of water that pooled from the spilled cup, he tried to write his name in it. Immediately she and Carson looked at each other.

"John? What happened? Where are you?" she asked, her heart rate increasing slightly.

The man grumbled under his breath as he spelled out 'MCKAY', which resulted in a knowing sigh from the two. "If McKay did something, I am sure that he – and the others, will find a way to fix it. Do know that I am taking good care of Teyla."

John knew that and while he trusted the man with his life, he wasn't so much comforted as he wanted to be able to hold Teyla's hand. All he could do was sit, watch, and wait. Sit around to do nothing. Watch his love suffer through the pain of labor and being unable to comfort her. And wait to see their child take its first breath.
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