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Title: Not Just An Ordinary Day
Author: Meekosan
Characters/Pairings: Steve/OFC, Danny/Gabby
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1066
Warnings: None, unless you count Gabby. No reference to any episodes though.
Author Notes: [personal profile] morganoconner prompted me with Not just an ordinary day, which worked right in with a plot bunny that has been tickling me. It isn't exactly how I thought it would come out but I do plan on taking the concept further in the future.
Summary: Instead of Five-O keeping people out, one of their own is refused access to a scene. Why doesn't anyone want Steve around?

Danny and Kono happened to be out together shopping as he was in desperate need of a female's support when it came to getting a birthday present for his new girlfriend when the call came in about a Navy admiral found murdered over in Pearl Harbor's naval base. As they arrived on scene, they raised an eyebrow as it had been already taped off and after showing their credentials to an MP who escorted them to a pair that was speaking to each other over the body, the woman of the two was clearly in charge looked at them with irritation.

"I thought I told Mister Governor that we didn't need his pets' help on this," she snarked to her partner.

The man glanced up from his notes to the two and then to her. "He insisted. Who am I to refuse him especially with Granger hanging out on the west coast and giving OSP hell lately. I'd like to keep that guy away from us," he commented.

She couldn't argue that. Letting out a sigh, she waited for the two to come closer before approaching them. "Special Agent Belen Mahoe, NCIS. This is our jurisdiction," she greeted friendly enough but with enough bite that she was not about to let them come in and take over.

Danny winced and nodded. "Detective Danny Williams, Officer Kono Kalakaua. Five-O. We're not here to impede on your case. The Governor stressed we are to assist in whatever way we can."

When the woman, Agent Mahoe, who appeared and sounded local didn't seem to bite, Kono gave it a try. "It's true. Our boss is Navy. Reservist now. Commander Steve McGarrett, so it isn't our first time working with NCIS."

If Mahoe gave any indication that she knew or cared, neither of them could tell as she eyed them over again before nodding to her partner. "Agent Hunter will fill you in. I'm going to go talk to security for a minute," she said, not missing the breath let out by Williams.

"Jason Hunter," the man smiled as he held out his hand. "Don't worry. Her bark is worse than her bite. Though the bite can sting pretty bad for awhile."

She was back not long after and the four continued to scour the scene and exchange ideas over the body while the M.E. made his examination. About fifteen minutes later, Danny's phone rang.

As he spoke to whomever was on it, stepping away for the moment, Kono looked at him confused. He held up a hand to her as he tried to listen then turned to look down over at the gate and the security surrounding the scene. Steve arrived but the security personnel and HPD that showed up to assist weren't letting him in.

"Who the hell told them that I'm not allowed on the scene. Who is the case agent? I'd like a word with him!" Steve barked into the phone, and to the men keeping him out.

"Relax buddy. I'm sure its just a miscommunication. I'll go talk to Agent Mahoe and find out what's going on..."

"Did you say Mahoe? As in Belen Mahoe?"

"Um, yes. You two know each other?" Danny asked as he returned to the group. Pulling the phone away from his ear for the moment he looked at the woman. "Your security is keeping our teammate out. Any reason for that?"

She looked up, seemingly unsurprised and completely nonchalant. "There are more than enough people here working the scene. If we have to work with your people, we have all we need. Any communications will be done through you or Kalakaua here as our liaisons. You can tell you friend he is free to manage your other cases."

Danny and Kono eyed her as she walked away to get signatures for evidence transfers before looking at each other. Remembering his phone, he went to talk to Steve again. "Do you have an ex-girlfriend you didn't tell me about?" he asked but it was pointless as he had already hung up.

The case took a few days to solve. The admiral's assistant ended up being the murderer because he snapped over a pile of orders that was expected of him to pull off that was an impossible feat for even superman. It took some coaxing but Danny and Kono managed to invite Agents Hunter and Mahoe back to their office, if just to let them see their world and share a beer before parting ways.

What neither of them expected was Steve to still be hanging out at the office as he usually went for his evening swim at that time. Kono looked surprised at the low growl that came from Belen's throat at seeing him through the glass, as he worked on paperwork in his office.

Glancing up, Steve's scowl appeared as he pushed himself out of his seat and made his way out to the center room, heading straight for the NCIS agent who stood with her arms crossed and bored watching him.

The explosion of curses, excuses, and other questions why she kept him from a crime scene was expected. The rest of the group quietly backed away as Kono pulled out the promised beers and watched the show. At one point, Steve must have struck a chord in Belen as she went red and let loose back on him.

Before long, as Danny suspected them to being formerly involved, they were arguing about their relationship and what seemed to be a very bitter separation. Just as he thought that she might pull back to knock the much larger man on his ass, Steve surprised them all, including Agent Mahoe, as he grabbed her face and pulled her to his and kissed her hard.

"Not your ordinary day?" Jason asked staring at the two.

"Not your ordinary case," Kono commented.

Danny on the other hand had a different opinion. "I think I'm going to be sick," he said, watching the two having just argued like he and his ex previously had, but past the point that considering murder was a possibility to them making out like they had never left one another. "So - I thought I'd take Grace and Gabby out on one of those boat tours this weekend. Good idea? Bad?"
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