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This post is created for the When Jim Met Steve challenge over at [livejournal.com profile] tvrealm. You need to pick TWO of the following options. There are no prompts you need to follow besides the crossover prompt. Have fun! TV/Movie crossovers are okay just as long as one of the fandoms is a TV show.

The two options I chose was Manip and Meta where I explain the Hawaii Five-0/NCIS crossover universe created by a friend and I.

Hawaii Five-0/NCIS Crossover

In the crossover series created by my friend and I, we created a particular history between Steve McGarrett and Ziva David that exists pre-series for both shows. As we already established of their first meeting in our crossover fan-fic story titled, Reminiscent, the two had met while exchanging intelligence information set up by then Field Agent Jenny Shepard of her friend that had saved her in Egypt and in knowledge of a skilled Navy SEAL with great prospects for agent materials and intelligence gathering, the latter of which he eventually selected.

As our story progresses, more is learned about the two's history and level of interest in one another as they work to overcome the challenges each had endured over the years and learn the changes those obstacles made in themselves. Both teams do not fail to notice the way Steve and Ziva behave around each other and generally agree that their observations are on the positive side.

After their cross-jurisdiction case is wrapped up, all is not resolved. Other dangers still lurk around, from a distance with deeper, ulterior motives. Not everyone is safe from this threat and there is little anyone can do without creating a political sandstorm. Of course just as Steve finds his old friend and things begin to look up, he loses her to an unexpected foe.

While Reminiscent is still in progress, the yet untitled sequel is already being planned in a nearly direct follow up where their history comes more current and the enemies acquired during H50's canon Season 1 finds their way to the East Coast and NCIS, pitting new friends and lovers against each other. More details are intended to be revealed about the past history of Steve McGarrett and Ziva David as they worked together through the jungles of Vietnam and other distant areas of the world.

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