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Written for the [livejournal.com profile] tvrealm episode 1x07, dear diary challenge. We had to pick a gif, you could either make it yourself or use someone else's that you've found, and write a diary entry of a minimum of 50 words to accompany it. So, I went through my gif folder and tried to think of something. I finally chose one but in discussing the possibilities with a friend that isn't in the game, I also had a tiny newborn plunny come at me. She didn't last long before she grew up and ran away. I chose two from Stargate SG1. The first is from 10x08 Momento Mori, when Vala cuffs Mitchell to the motel bed. The second being from 8x18 Threads, near the end when Daniel Jackson comes back from the Ancients, naked, again.

Well. I did it. Of course I wasn't in my own mind – well I was, but my memories had been taken from me, or deeply buried with that evil Quetesh's. Anyway, diary. Yes. I managed to get one of my boys into bed, cuffed and all. Of course it was not my Daniel, but beggers can't be choosers, right? Mitchell is a fine example of a man. Heroic, handsome, and who could forget him without his pants? Yes, I had to hide those from him while I went to go get those yummy snacks. Twinkies...oh so very delicious! If I didn't have any decency I probably would have just forgotten about Daniel altogether...I mean, what man tied to a bed could resist me? Memory or not. But, I suppose there was a part of me that didn't take advantage of my dear Colonel Mitchell because I was, and still am, waiting for Daniel to realize that he really does love me. Of course, I need to find a way that I could carry his baby after we shack it up... Heavens know when the next time he would take me to bed after that.

Please note that I am still waiting for the episode of Threads to finish downloading so that I could make the gif. This entry will be updated to reflect the link image for it, but in the meanwhile, you may enjoy some Juggling Jack & Teal'c!
The Ancients must find some sick twisted humor in this. Why else would they send people back to the land of the living, so to speak, without any clothing? Everything that I had read and learned about them would make one believe that these people tend to be oohh I can't think of any other word other than prudish. They won't even show themselves or clean up their own messes! Well, Oma did and now, Anubis is gone. Where they disappeared to, I have no idea. All I know is that I was suddenly in Jack's office, naked. At least this time they let me keep some of my memories, especially the ones before I ended up in the diner. I really hope that things can move forward normally with the team. One thing that I do know is that Teal'c won't say it, but Ooh Jack. Jack would remind me of how I did naughty things with the SGC flag. Seriously Jack? You think I wanted to show up naked as a jay bird! I should get him to keep a spare set of clothes in his drawer in case this happens again – as much as I hope it wouldn't. You never know.

I really had a lot of fun with this and I think I may do this more often on my own. Teehee!
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